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Specialized developers for your custom needs

Computer Graphics & Physics Simulation

Because you need some experts focused for your custom Visualisation issues

Computer Graphics oriented

Computer Graphics is a very specific domain, to be optimal it require a lot of skills… of course, you need good programming knowledge, but also knowledge in physics, mathematics, optimization, hardware, GP-GPU programming and more.

With this, you must have a good sensibility to the visual result, depending on your domain you will create and use a different approach. Games / CAD / Movies are using very different simulation and rendering techniques.

It is why at Spectral Pixel we are focused on the Computer Graphics domain only.

Multi - domains

Computer Graphis & Simulation can be used in a lot of domains, we are already actives in the following ones :

:: Medical visualisation
:: Gaming
:: CAD / CAM
:: Design
:: Movies & Advertising
:: Computer vision
:: Real-time system
:: Physics simulation
:: More…


Everybody love Computer Graphics, we can even find a lot of open source code around but building a production solution and customizing it for a specific usage require several specific skills and years of experience.

It is not only about implementing a research paper, using open source code or the right plug in it is also to have practical knowledge about every aspects to do the right choices for a specific usage.

In short, it is to have the experience and a practical view of the goal to achieve.

Research & Development

We are a lab, our team is able to handle Research, to patent your intellectual property and publish papers.

We have a large network and a lot of connections with Universities and the Research community.

Last but not the least we frequently implement Research papers and adapt them to your need and production system.

Research & Development services

We do R&D in the field of visualization

A dedicated team

Our team is dedicated to you...

We help you develop softwares in the field of visualization where we can provide expertize in differents areas like physics, mathematics, GPGPU, parallelization, complex architectures definition and more...

Services ranges

We can act as consultants, auditors, projects/program managers and we can even completely handle the full project for you.

Our team deliver such services since more than 15 years now.

Domains of expertize

From project management to mathematics & physics but also on specific IT domains like GPGPU (OpenCL and CUDA), OpenGL, parallelization, complex architectures definition and more..

Our Customers

Some of the customers we work with...

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Skype: viewon01