Spectral Studio - The hybrid CPU & GPU renderer

Create amazing images at the speed of light.

Spectral Studio 13 is a rendering software able to create photo realistic pictures from your 3D scenes and objects. It is accurate, unbiased and based on physically correct rules.

Today, it is the first able to use OSL (Open Shading Language) on both the CPU and the GPU. Using the CPU allow you to handle very large scenes but using the GPU allow you to render really faster. Of course, you can even use both to run faster than ever.

It is a standalone tool that provides a complete solution for those who want great image quality and full control.

Intuitive, customizable, fast and flexible .... are only a few words behind Spectral Studio 13

Editing your materials and all your settings in real-time is a reality. Fine tune your parameters to see the exact result you're looking for.

Spectral Studio 13 improve your productivity with fast and accurate images, if you want to know more take a quick tour of our rendering engine.

Physically correct and accurate

Spectral Studio 13 simulates the flow of light like in the real world, according to physical equations, thus producing image of outstanding quality.

The difference is sometimes in the details and we have do a lot of work on the side of accuracy, just to produce the perfect pixels.

All the materials and lights are physically based, you can even define by yourself how they react with light... you have the full control.

Advanced shading & materials

The renderer is fully based on the OSL shading language specification. Open Shading Language(OSL) is a rich language for programmable shading in advanced renderers and other applications, ideal for describing materials, lights, displacement, and pattern generation.

It mean that you can simulate advanced materials and improve your materials library. By example, this language has been used by some Visual Effects Studios to generate accurate materials for their movies.

With OSL you can create plenty of materials/shaders and effects, there is virtually no limitation to your imagination

Camera simulation

You can simulate camera effects through a set of parameters or simply let Spectral Studio 13 handle the parameters for you automatically.

Spectral Studio act like a virtual camera and simulate the scene like your real camera.

Post processing

Spectral Studio provides you the tools for tone mapping but also for advanced anti-aliasing.

The post-processing is applied in real-time during the rendering, allowing you to play with theses effects even during the rendering process.

Full spectral based rendering

Spectral Studio simulate the real physics of light, it reproduce all the full spectral effects you can see in the real world light.

But not only, Spectral Studio is also a physically based renderer, unbiased engine that will act like your virtual camera.

The main job was to make Spectral Studio so accurate to allow to simply click and let it render without having to play with tons of parameters.

Every light in Spectral Studio is physically based, allowing a coherent and progressive rendering of spectral effects like dispersion.

A full rendering studio

Spectral Studio 13 is an interactive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing application, allowing you to do your changes in real-time. It use the GPU power (also work in multi-GPU mode or CPU mode) to render your scene, materials, lights, textures...

Of course you have the rendering view but also the working view, this view allow you to access and manipulate your objects and scene in a easier and more flexible way. (See the image, we can see the 'seat' inside the car easily)

With this you have a set of useful tools, by example to see the normals, to soft the normals, import files, select objects, change the views and really more.

Scene graph editor & Tree editor

The scene graph editor allow to edit all the scene elements in real-time, the camera, assign materials, assign global lights (ie. sky ...) and mesh emitters.

You can also use the shader editor, this one allow you to create your own materials and define how the material react with the light.

On the other side you can also use the Tree Editor that organise your models in a hierarchical way.

Import & quick reload

Of course, you are able to import your scene in a lot of formats, but you can work on your scene in Spectral Studio 13 then change your scene in your preferred 3D editor and re-import the scene without loosing your settings. This way you can progressively improve your modeling and settings.

For teams, one artist can work on the scene, modelize it, change is progressively and on the other side you can start working on the shading of some elements of the scene. Each time he provide you a new model of the same scene you just use the re-import feature.

Physical Lighting

Full Global Illumination support

Physically correct sun and sky light

HDRI environment

Image-Based Lighting

Mesh emitters

Physically based materials

Advanced material creation system

Global or mapped roughness


Custom IOR

Dielectric absorption

Opacity mapping


... more ...

Pre-configured materials

ashikhmin, ashikhmin - velvet

emitter, blackbody emitter, texture emitter

glass, rough glass

glossy, phong

matte, rough matte, texture matte

rough metal, car paint, copper

mirror, texture miror

transmissive, transparent


... more ...

Multiple output image formats

Including High Dynamic-Range (HDR) Formats

32 bit per component EXR output. (HDR)



Preview : for fast visual feedback

Production : for high quality rendering