Act as a key player for your project

We help you in your VFX software development

Our team is just build from a group of motivated peoples who shares their pation. We have work on several projects related to VFX/Simulation/Gaming/Imaging and each time it was an exiting challenge.

At Spectral Pixel our job is just seen like a hobby, where our goal is to push our customers forward and to win new challenges in this exiting adventure.

With a pation for complexity and advanced technologies we have always been able to collaborate as a key team player.

You need experts from your domain

We are not a classic consulting company, but a team of consultant with years of experiences in your domain.

What we provide is not only a simple development service but more a custom approach and skills developed through different projects, differents customers and different cases.

You need proven experts

Since 20 years we work with big names, some of of customers are leading companies in the world.

They trust on us because we are completely integrated in they product vision, not only the developers but only our management that is dedicated to push them forward - It is always a win-win collaboration.

VFX / Imaging / Gaming / Simulation

We are not a classical consulting company because we only focus on some specific related fields...

Our goal is to have exiting projects and fun, this way we also improve our every days skills in our domains but also provide an improved set of services to our customers. This is what we do for years now and we continue, we can provide you our IT experience but also some domain specific experience based on our customers satisfaction and the final users (artists & studios by example) feedback.

We learn everyday with our customers and most of the time the acquired experience in one project/field can be reused in other challenges, lets us share this knowledge with you.

Math & Physics

Even if we are mainly computer science experts our team have a high level of experience and knowledge in physics, mathematics and simulation.

Your problem can be in the range of collision, rigid-body, mathematic features, solvers, finite elements, optical simulation, monte carlo and really more... we can handle it.

Our specialists can help you to solve complex problems that require the use of the most recent scientific advances, based on complex math & physics concepts.

GPGPU & High performance computing

Are you looking to boost the speed of your software ... then you're at the right place.

With extensive expertize in high performance solutions including GPGPU but also complex threading based systems.

We currently work with both CUDA & OpenCL on CPU and GPU, with specific algorithms customized for specific hardwares and problems.

We just can help you to asses your code, to improve some parts or even handle the complete problematic.