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We help you in your VFX software development

Advanced VFX softwares development

We are experienced in building advanced and custom VFX softwares for movies, advertising, architecture and several other domains.

Building such software can be complex and time consuming, it require to find peoples with the right level of skills, managing all the aspects of the project, from audit & specification, to research and development up to the release.

Focus on your core business... we can support your team or handle all the aspects for you.

Plug-ins development

Writing plug-ins for graphic software is a often a necessary task, sometimes to bring new features, improve your pipeline or integrate some software together.

We can handle the plug in development for several softwares like Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, SideFX Houdini and more.

Mathematics / Physics

Our team is composed of several PhD owner, in IT, mathematics and physics. Even our developers are oriented toward visual technologies and have good experience and knowledge in physics, mathematics and simulation.

Your problem can be in the range of collision, rigid-body, mathematic features, solvers, finite elements, optical simulation, monte carlo and really more... we can handle it.

Our specialists can help you to solve complex problems that require the use of the most recent scientific advances, based on complex math & physics concepts.


Are you looking to boost the speed of your software ... then you're at the right place.

With extensive expertize in high performance solutions including GPGPU but also complex threading based systems.

We currently work with both CUDA & OpenCL on CPU and GPU, with specific algorithms customized for specific hardwares and problems.

We just can help you to asses your code, to improve some parts or even handle the complete problematic.

In house software showcase

Discover our skills through an in house VFX software...

Spectral Studio 13 is a rendering software able to create photo realistic pictures from your 3D scenes and objects. It is accurate, unbiased and based on physically correct rules.

Today, it is the first able to use OSL (Open Shading Language) on both the CPU and the GPU. Using the CPU allow you to handle very large scenes but using the GPU allow you to render really faster. Of course, you can even use both to run faster than ever.

Editing your materials and all your settings in real-time is a reality. Fine tune your parameters to see the exact result you're looking for.

Spectral Studio 13 improve your productivity with fast and accurate images, if you want to know more take a quick tour of our rendering engine.